Hiring Credits

A business will still be able to carry forward their tax credits for 10 years after January 1, 2014. We are encouraging businesses to voucher their employees even if they have not yet had a "tax incident" since they will still be able to use them if needed within the next ten years.

  • Hiring Tax Credits: An employer may claim a credit against its income tax liability for a percentage of wages paid to qualified employees.

    50% of qualified wages in Year 1
    40% of qualified wages in Year 2
    30% of qualified wages in Year 3
    20% of qualified wages in Year 4
    10% of qualified wages in Year 5

    • Qualified wages are 150% of minimum wage or the actual wage, whichever is less.
  • Employers may claim a hiring credit against California income tax on for an employee who:

    • Was hired after the Enterprise Zone received its final designation (October 15, 2006)
    • Spends at least 90% of work time on activities directly related to the conduct of a trade or business located within the zone
    • Performs at least 50% of the work within the boundaries of the Enterprise Zone
    • Is properly certified for the hiring credit.
  • EZ Vouchering

    • Complete Voucher Application
    • Complete Voucher Certificate
    • Voucher Fees
    • $75 per voucher, payable to Calexico-County Enterprise Zone 
  • Qualified Employees - TEA

    • Resident of the Targeted Employment Area – all of Calexico & most of Brawley, plus surrounding rural areas. A proof of residence such as W4, I9 or Driver’s License is required.
    • Click here to download the TEA Street list for the Calexico-County EZ.
    • TEA Street List for employees hired on or after July 8, 2013 (coming soon)
  • Dislocated worker

    • If you hire an employee through the California EDD or the Imperial County One Stop program, he/she can be qualified for the EZ hiring tax credit, regardless of residence.
  • Other Ways to Qualify Employees for Hiring Credit

    • There are 11 other qualifying events to be able to voucher an employee for the hiring credit. Please contact our office to learn more.